The JumpSport fitness trampoline is an excellent addition to every exercise routine or weight loss program. They are a family owned business who have been operating for 20 years. The founder was the inventor of trampoline safety enclosures, so the great thing about any JumpSport trampoline is that you know safety comes first for them.

The 220 model is a great entry-level trampoline that won’t break the bank. If you’re new to rebounding, we would suggest this model is a great one to start off with. The unique feature of the JumpSport mini trampoline is their patented no-tip arched legs.

If you’re new to rebounding, or looking to upgrade from a cheaper model of rebounder, then this might be a great way to go for you. Let’s take a look at what else the JumpSport 220 mini trampoline has to offer.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder
The Great
Silent and smooth bouncing
The ‘No-Tip’ legs allow for extra safety and stability
Good sized jumping area allowing for wide range of exercises
The Not-So Great
Bounce cords wear out a little easier than competitors.
DVDs only useful if you are a beginner.
 Not foldable which can make for difficult storage


The Bottom Line
The unique arch-shaped legs are a patented feature of the JumpSport. We like this because it provides extra stability and safety in your jump. The 220 model is not foldable, but it does require minimal setup. So, provided you’ve got the space handy then this shouldn’t be a problem. The bungee cords provide for a nice quiet bounce, as well as a nice smooth bounce. Depending on your use, the cords may not last as well as other brands, but JumpSport does offer a range of accessories, including replacement cords which is convenient for when they do wear out.


Design Features Durability Warranty Overall



Price Range  $$
Weight of Rebounder 21 lb
Dimensions Frame = 39 inches

Jump area = 32.5 inches

Foldable? No
Frame Material Steel
Max Weight Capacity 250 lb
Warranty Frame = Lifetime

Mat = 5 years

Cord = 2 years


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What Others Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a summary based on what other people have been saying about the JumpSport 220 model in their review comments and posts:

JUMP POINT # 1 Even after years of use, we have noticed people are reporting that this rebounder model is still going strong. The frame is sturdy and maintains its look and structure well.

JUMP POINT # 2 The bungee cord is a great feature, and is not often seen other than in high-end brands like Bellicon. This is great news if you are on a budget. But of course, with the lower price, we have noticed people reporting that the cord wears easier (and loosens more) than others, but typically this occurs after a year or two of regular use.

JUMP POINT # 3 We have noticed that some people comment that the mat can tend to wear out quickly for them. What we do love though however is that JumpSport are quick to respond, and they offer great warranty to replace the mat if needed.

JUMP POINT # 4 The surface area of the exercise mat is quite reasonable and offers a large jumping area. Most people report this is sufficient for their rebounding exercise. However we have noticed that there are some people who find the skirt (that covers the cord) has a large surface area that covers some of the mat area – effectively shortening the total jump area. We personally haven’t found this a problem, but keep this in mind if you are wanting the extra room.

Lets Break It Down

Other than the first impression which everyone has when they see this product about how spacious it is, it also has some other useful features you would find impressive.



The design of this rebounder is nice and practical, and looks great too with its polished black finish. The exercise area of the mat is roomy allowing for a wide range of exercises.This mini trampoline is designed with a specific No Tip technology with arched leg design. This means that the jumping is made safe.

The Jump Sport is completely US based and all of the products are produced here in the USA. The founder is also the inventor of the safety enclosure for trampolines which is used in this industry around the world. It is promoted and preferred by many professional fitness instructors as a high intensity workout. It has been on the market for 20 years and it is a family company directed towards satisfying its customers.

Everyone who has ever owned a trampoline knows how exhausting the setup process could be. However, with this Jump Sport trampoline model, the setup is easy even for people who are not great at assembling products. The whole process would take you less than a few minutes. Please note however that this particular model is NOT foldable, so make sure you have adequate room to keep this in, as storage can be tight.



This is a rebounder with high quality pieces included in the manufacturing process. The frame is the core of a rebounder and it is sealed and reinforced with a tough and durable coat. This makes it extremely durable and safe for you to use and enjoy. Although there are different types of mats available from the Jump Sport, they are all top notch materials which are very durable.

However, the quality of the springs (or in this case, bungee cord) is what makes the jump good or bad. Although the cord is strong durable it will wear over time (perhaps after a year or two depending on frequency and intensity of use. So bear this in mind and keep replacements on hand, so you don’t miss out on precious exercise time!

The bouncing on this rebounder is pretty smooth and exhilarating. When you are jumping you feel buoyant, well protected and cushioned. If you are living with people who appreciate the silence, this would be the perfect rebounder for you. It is so silent you could even using it at night.

This trampoline is especially recommended for people who have troubles with the lymphatic system since it helps in draining the toxins from your body. If you are planning on using the trampoline for such health gains, keep in mind that the higher the bouncing the better the product.

Spare parts or any additional accessories are not included with the package. However it does include a DVD with workouts in order to help you start. Although if you have ever used a trampoline before you would find these DVDs useless since you have probably tried everything which is recommended. For those of you who haven’t tried it, they are worth watching!



The mat is very durable and it doesn’t wear off in time, at least it hasn’t for me in months of using it. However, the bungee cords should be replaced from time to time, meaning once or twice a year depending on how often you use your rebounder.

This trampoline is considered in the low price range and it offers great features for the price offered. The residential warranty on the 220 model is also pretty impressive. The steel frame and legs offer lifetime warranty, with mat a 5 year and cords a 2 year warranty.



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Our Verdict

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or you have been jumping for years, this trampoline will meet your expectations by offering a lot for a small price. It is designed with high quality materials and it beats the cheap trampolines found in local stores. It will make you feel better in many aspects of your life, health wise and mood wise.


Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder