About Us

Hi and welcome to Rebounder Advice! My name is Teegan and I’m here to help you find the perfect Rebounder just for you.

You might be asking, what is a Rebounder? Essentially these are mini trampolines, and they’re designed for individual use. Typically, you would associate them for exercise, but what I love about Rebounders is that they’re so much more. The known health benefits for this one small piece of equipment is long, and this is where I personally fell in love with them!

A slight gentle bound on a regular basis can do wonders for your body! I personally know this first hand – I constantly suffered from swollen and achy legs and feet. I started off on my rebounder experience by doing regular heath bounce exercises. Over time, the swelling reduced, the aches eased, and my overall movement in day-to-day activities improved. This helped my ability to move and exercise more, both on and off the mini trampoline – happy days!!

Not only that, but what I like about rebounders is that they are relatively inexpensive. In recent years they have been growing in popularity, and as such their quality and features are also improving. You can get some really neat models upwards to $700-$1000 – and I recommend this if you’re serious about using this often and harder. But otherwise, you can get other great models for $100-$300. Let me help you find the right one for your needs and budget.

Not all Rebounders are built the same way, and can vary in features and quality. This is another key reason why I put this site together – to give you no rubbish facts on how to use your rebounder, and how to find the right one that suits your personal needs best.

So please enjoy browsing through my site – and get your bounce on!!