Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline

If you’re looking for a top quality and long lasting rebounder, then look no further than the Bellicon Classic. Designed in Germany, and manufactured in USA, this mini trampoline is made with the true athlete or rebound enthusiast in mind.

The Bellicon has won many awards and it is endorsed by world known athletes and doctors. Bouncing on this mini trampoline gives a whole body workout at any fitness level. Its diversified build can be used by men, women, children, seniors and professionals.

It’s fair to say the Bellicon is our favorite mini trampoline, but let’s take a closer look at why it ticks all the boxes, and what else this rebounder has to offer….


Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline Review
The Great
Made from special synthetic rubber. More durable and allergy free.
Is completely portable, with carry bag and fold-able (or screw-in) legs.
Great depth of bounce, engaging more muscles as you work out.


The Not-So Great
The price is higher than the competition.
The Bottom Line
The engineering, design and overall quality of this rebounder is hard to beat. The unique bungee system is a great alternative to springs, providing a smooth and effective bounce. The technology of this particular bungee system is not seen in any other rebounder. You will really notice the difference when comparing to other bungee-based (non-spring) rebounders.

This mini-trampoline is an amazing solution for your total body workout.  It is great for cardio training, muscle-toning, boosting your heath and fat-burning.  If you plan to improve your health and body conditioning, then we highly recommend this product.

Of course, this particular rebounder does come at a premium cost. But in our eyes it is worth every cent – you truly do get what you pay for!


Design Features Durability Warranty Overall



Price Range  $$$
Weight of Rebounder 29 lb
Diameter Choose from:

39 inch

44 inch

49 inch

Fold-able? Yes – in half
Frame Material German engineered steel
Max Weight Capacity You can select the appropriate size:

Medium (80-140 lbs)

Strong (140-200 lbs)

Extra Strong (200-280 lbs)

Ultra-strong (280-440 lbs)

Warranty Yes.

Replacement parts are also available


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Lets Break It Down

The Bellicon Mini Trampoline is an amazing product which offers the best technology when it comes to rebounder.  With its unique design, we feel it is the perfect choice for anyone, including men, women, seniors and children. Not only does it provide great exercising performance, but it is also a good tool for rehabilitation.



The Bellicon rebounder has a beautiful design. It is created by the German designers who are also responsible for the great quality and its specific features. With its high gloss, black powder-coated finished steel, it has been built with high-frequency use and long-lasting durability in mind. You also have the option of choosing different mat and bungee colours, such as black, blue, green, orange, pink, and silver.

A feature that we love about the Bellicon is that the bungee band strength can be customized for a more intense fitness workout, or a softer health bounce and rehabilitation. When you purchase your Bellicon, you are able to choose the strength of band that suits you best:

  • Medium (holding 80-140 lbs)
  • Strong (holding 140-200 lbs)
  • Extra Strong (holding 200-280 lbs)
  • Ultra-strong (holding 280-440 lbs)

NOTE: where there are two people of different weights who are going to be using the rebounder, opt for the heavier strength bungee.

Along with weight, you will also want to factor in the intensity of your exercise when choosing your bungee strength. For example:

  • Health Bounce: can go for a lighter bungee cord (i.e. based on your above weight selection)
  • Moderate Exercise: go for a moderate bungee cord (i.e. based on your above weight + 1 strength size)
  • Intense Exercise: go for a stronger bungee cord (i.e. based on your above weight + 2 strength size)



The Bellicon has been designed to cater for a better quality of bounce. This is to provide you with a great quality workout, along with increased health and mobility from regular sessions.

When in use, the bungee cords will stretch up to 3 times their original length. To cater for this, the frame legs are longer than your traditional mini trampoline. The purpose of this is a deeper and smoother bounce which will engage more muscles, and give you a better overall workout result.

With Bellicon you have the option of fold-up or screw-in legs. We personally like the fold-up legs – this makes for quick and easy storage, particularly if you travel often, or live in a smaller space and need to regularly pack your rebounder away.

A special DVD with training instructions is also included with your purchase. This is to help you get acquainted quickly with your rebounder and feel comfortable with your exercise or rehabilitation use. In addition, once you purchase you will also get a free online workout video platform.



The construction of the Bellicon is designed to last. It has gone through years of design and testing to produce the product you find today. Even the mat is woven polypropylene and UV resistant, making it not only designed for comfort but also ultra-durable.

Made from high-grade, high-gauge steel, the frame is lightweight yet strong and durable.

Bellicon have even thought about the quality of the hooks that hold the bungee cord to the mat. They are non-toxic and reinforced to ensure that the bungee will not fray when in regular use.

The warranty of the Bellicon includes:

  • Frame: 3 years
  • Mat: 3 years
  • Bungee Rings: 6 months

There is also the option to purchase additional equipment separately if needed, such as additional bungee cords and stability bars etc.


Where to Buy Rebounder

Our Verdict

Bottom line – once you go Bellicon you will never go back! It is easy to see why this rebounder is found in professional gyms, and endorsed by doctors, celebrities and professional experts. Yes it is a lot to pay upfront for a piece of home gym equipment, but at least you know you will be getting a product that will last you for years and give you a great workout experience.

Bellicon Classic Mini Trampoline Review