Benefits of Rebounding


Not only is rebounding fun, but it’s good for you too! Who knew that one little piece of exercise equipment can provide your body with so many benefits! There have been many documents and studies done that demonstrate positive impacts that you can experience by regularly rebounding on a mini trampoline.

Ease of Exercise

Low impact to joints and soft tissue mean a reduced risk of injury during exercise. This helps to make regular exercise far more achievable for those who suffer when weight bearing during exercise. The springs and elastic mat of the rebounder works to absorb the shock the body would normally experiences during typical impact of sport and exercise. Overall, rebounding is much more forgiving on the body.

Muscle Tone

Regular use of the rebounder helps to mineralize your bones and strengthen your muscle tissue. An added bonus is that rebounding helps fluid move easily around the body, which helps to improve your overall muscle performance. You’ll be surprised how many different types of exercises you can do on a rebounder, all of which helps to improve your fitness and muscle tone!

Healthy Heart

Your heart is a vital organ for your body, so it’s best to look after it! Regular rebounding helps to increase your heart’s pumping power. Studies have shown that rebounding also contribute to lower cholesterol and reduced risk of heart disease (combined with the right diet of course!). The muscle strengthening from this type of exercise also helps your blood pressure return to its normal levels a lot quicker after the stress of working out.

Improved Coordination

Rebounding helps to improve your overall coordination. This is done through the transmission of more impulses and responsiveness of your muscle fibers. NOTE: if you are unsteady on your feet while exercising on a rebounder, be sure to use a stabilizer for safe use.

Weight Loss

Exercising on a rebounder (say as opposed to a treadmill or elliptical trainer) typically burns more calories. Complementary to our first point on the ease of exercising, you will find you can work out for harder and for longer periods of time. Regular exercise is now much more achievable, and the more you move your body, the more calories you burn. Not only this, but what a great feeling it would be knowing you have a sense of control over your body!

Lymphatic System and Circulation

Rebounding helps the Lymph fluids circulate throughout the entire body-which acts as your body’s internal vacuum cleaner. Not only this, but you can find that circulation in general is greatly improved. Even light bouncing can help with swelling and aching legs. An added bonus of all this is an improved immune system, and overall detoxification for your body. Help fight those nasty colds!

There’s lots of Rebounders out there now – make sure you find the one that’s right for you.