Elevated Urban Rebounder Trampoline with Workout DVD & Stabilizing Bar

The urban rebounder trampoline is known for its stabilizing bar and unique elevated leg kit. The original version of this rebounder allowed you to fold it in half. This new elevated version folds in quarters, allowing for easy storage and transportation, along with new leg extensions, which allows for elevated workouts.

The founder of Urban Rebounder is JB Berns who is a certified instructor and celebrity trainer.  He has made many programs in the past from marital arts, yoga, dance, and of course – rebounding!

Let’s check out all the features the Urban Rebounder has.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder
The Great
Comes with a Stabilizing bar & DVD set
Foldable into quarters and easy to assemble
Elevated Leg Kit makes for unique workouts
The Not-So Great
Omits strong rubber smell in the first few days
Stabilizing bar is a little wobbly


The Bottom Line
The Urban Rebounder is a great product for this particular price range. We like the elevated leg kit which can give you a different range of exercises to your standard rebounder. It also contains a stabilizing bar which makes it perfect for seniors and children, or if you need extra support for balance or injury.

This rebounder is great value for you to get started with. Particularly if you’re new, the DVD’s will really give you a solid start of implementing your fitness regime on a rebounder. You’ll be surprised at what you can do with it! We would recommend using this solidly for a year or so, and then consider upgrading later on if you’re serious about taking your exercise further.


Design Features Durability Warranty Overall



Price Range  $$
Weight of Rebounder 26 lb
Diameter 40 inch
Fold-able? Yes – into quarters
Frame Material Steel
Max Weight Capacity 300 lb
Warranty Frame, Matt & Springs = 1 year

Skirt & other Parts = 6 months


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What Others Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a summary based on what other people have been saying about the Urban Rebounder in their review comments and posts:

JUMP POINT # 1 Urban Rebounder says it is commercial grade and is used in gyms. This is a great sign of quality frame and materials. We have noticed many people have reported that this rebounder stays strong and sturdy even with regular and vigorous use. However, the typical point for replacement with this type of use is reported around 2 years.

JUMP POINT # 2 A few people have reported that the stabilizing bar is a little wobbly, and they feel a bit uncertain using it. Remember though, that the stabilizing bar is just that – it is a bar that is there to guide your balance, not designed to take your full weight. In time, your balance will improve and you won’t need to rely on it so much.

JUMP POINT # 3 People have been reporting about the quality of the DVD’s and how much it has been helping them in their home rebounder workouts. I’ve got to say; I really like them too! This rebounder comes with a set of DVD’s already, but the great thing is you can purchase additional ones later on which also gives amazing workouts!

JUMP POINT # 4 Although some people are reporting the springs are a bit noisy (and we’ve personally noticed that over time) too, they are solid and the mat is nice and firm. Because of this, people are finding this is great to use as an alternative tool for jogging whilst keeping the shock out of your joints making for a nice low impact workout.

Lets Break It Down

This is a quality trampoline for every fitness regimen. The founder JB Berns is a renounced fitness instructor, and it shows when you go through his rebounder exercise programs. It has the possibility to be used on a flat or elevated position which is exceptional for a trampoline of this price range.



The design of this trampoline is pretty spacious which is uncommon for trampolines of this price range. The jumping space is clearly marked with a red tape to help guide you from stepping outside of it. The legs and mat are black color which makes for a nice looking premium design.

The product is initially designed as a substitute for the boring gym machines which burn fewer calories and don’t have any other health benefit. At the start it has designed as a product which helps you sculpt your muscles by having fun at the same time. After that, the target group has expanded to every person who enjoys jumping regardless of their fitness levels.

The setting up of the trampoline is pretty easy and you could choose to assemble it daily or assign it a specific place in the house. However, it is foldable which makes for really easy storage and traveling.



The quality of the trampoline is undeniable, although it has some downsides like every other product. The smell of a rubber is one of those disadvantages which are reported by a few users. However, this is perfectly normal for every product which has rubber in its content. Keep in mind that it wears off with time and you would be left with a high quality product to enjoy. Too help with this, we recommend keeping it in a well ventilated area until the smell reduces.

It is a spring trampoline and could support 300 lbs. However, the springs are not so strong so that you test it to the limits. So if you are close to the weight limit, we recommend that you check some of our other choices. The mat however is made from a strong material and it doesn’t change in quality over time.

The bouncing is smooth and high. It also has a stabilizing bar to keep you safe while you jump. This is especially beneficial for use by children or seniors. Also great if you are a little uncertain about your balance too!

This rebounder is designed specifically for cardio workout sessions. If used regularly, it could strengthen your core and improve your physical shape. It could also improve your coordination and your balance which are one of the main features this trampoline is known for. Even though it has some health advantages, the trampoline is promoted as a weight loss and strength workout product. It is recommended for athletes, seniors and persons who enjoy low impact workouts.

Although the Urban Rebounder trampoline doesn’t include spare parts, the warranty will cover issues if they arising within 6 to 12 months. Urban Rebounder also offers spare parts for sale, along with other accessories that can help you with your exercise routine.

This rebounder also includes 6 motivational workout programs.



The product is quite durable although there are some parts which might need to be replaced over time. However, the Urban Rebounder Company also offers spare parts for sale if needed.

This mini trampoline is a good solid piece of equipment for its price range, and it caters well for a whole range of people. From light bouncing and rehabilitation, to high intensity cardio – this rebounder has you covered!

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Our Verdict

The Urban Rebounder trampoline has a soft and spacious jumping surface and it is the ideal choice for people who like to change the boring gym with something more creative.

Stamina 38-Inch Intone Plus Rebounder