AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline

Fitness Trampolines are the new innovative way of exercising. It is low impact, and great for all fitness levels. Many people who have try this particular model say that they are feeling great even after the first use.  The AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline is also known as the Varilex 38-Inch Mini Band Trampoline.

The woven polypropylene jump mat is a great feature as it is the same material that is used on full-sized trampolines, so you know you’re well supported. Let’s check out some other great features of the AirZone….


AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline Review
The Great
Folds in half – great for storage.
The elastic bands give good bounce and help avoid injuries.
Reasonable jumping surface allowing for good range of rebound exercises.
The Not-So Great
Lower weight capacity – so probably better for people with smaller builds.
With the lower weight capacity, the frame can bend if under too much pressure.
The Bottom Line
The AirZone mini band fitness trampoline is good value for money. It has the usual features you would see in most other quality models, but at half the price. It does have a lower weight capacity than its competitors, so we would suggest this is a great buy for people with a smaller build, or even a great exercise tool for your children.

This rebounder uses elastic bands instead of metal springs. We like this feature as it makes for a smoother bounce, and a safer piece of equipment. The fully padded skirt around the frame also contributes to the safety.

Whilst not a rebounder you would see used in professional institutes such as gyms etc. it definitely does the job for your own personal use at home. This is a great rebounder to get started with as you start to explore the world of low-impact exercising.


Design Features Durability Warranty Overall



Price Range  $
Weight of Rebounder 10.3 lb
Diameter 38 inch
Fold-able? Yes – in half
Frame Material Aluminium
Max Weight Capacity 200 lb
Warranty 90 day limited warranty


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What Others Say

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a summary based on what other people have been saying about the Variflex Mini Band in their review comments and posts:

JUMP POINT # 1 This model uses elastic bands rather than metal springs. Many people are reporting this provides a nice, silent bounce. Some say not quite as bouncy as they would expect with the elastic bands, but we personally found it great. Remember this is not a premium brand model, and you do get what you pay for. But for the price, this has held up really well, and the product is great value for money.

JUMP POINT # 2 A lot of people are loving that this rebounder is nice and light, which makes it easy to move around the house. This is also foldable in half which makes for easy storage. However, it also has legs that screw in, which means you can unscrew them to flatten the trampoline out and store under the bed as another storage option. If regularly using this rebounder, we would personally recommend keeping the frame in-tact to save yourself some time and hassle in between use.

JUMP POINT # 3 Variflex have been quite open about their maximum weight capacity of 200 pounds. However, it seems that some people have been testing this limit and have ultimately reported that the frame does buckle once this weight is exceeded. So, what is our tip? Use common sense of course! We would recommend not using this particular model if you are above (or even if you are getting close to) this weight.

JUMP POINT # 4 In regards to assembly, there have been mixed reviews. Most people are reporting it’s a little tricky but overall fine. But we have noticed there are others out there who say they found it quite tricky, and needed 2 strong people to assemble it. We personally found this mini trampoline ok to assemble – but agree it is best to do with 2 people.

Lets Break It Down



The Variflex design is simple and sleek. The first standout feature for us was the use of the elastic bands instead of metal springs. This is a surprise given that you would typically only find the use of bands in higher-priced models – so we see this as a big plus! Because of the elastic bands, you are provided with a nice smooth and quiet bounce. This is a great feature not only for safety, but also if you are using the rebounder for rehabilitation. The impact and intensity is reduced, so is a lot more forgiving for any achy or sore joints and muscles.

This rebounder includes a protective skirt that covers the bands and the outer parts of the frame for additional safety. The stabilization is provided by six strong and tubular legs. The kit also contains plastic protectors for the floor made for better stability and long durability. The storage part is simple and convenient.



The AirZone fitness trampoline is a good product considering its features.  It is not a very bouncy trampoline (compared to others) but it does allow you to have a great training session. It has a plastic odor the first few days; so keep this in a well ventilated area for the first few days, and the smell will soon disappear.

Although not as bouncy as other models, you are provided with a nice smooth bounce. This is great for low impact exercising (particularly if you are just starting out with rebounding) and for simple rehabilitation.

The protective skirt adds to the safety element, but as always we recommend supervision when in use by children, as little feet can always make their way through the tiniest of places!



Overall, the performance of the Variflex is good. If you are using the rebounder for higher intensity training, or for more frequent, regular use – then we would suggest perhaps this model is not necessarily for you. BUT, if you are just starting out, using for simple rehabilitation, or using for lower intensity-style training then this brand is perfect.

The rebounding mat is made from the polypropylene material usually found on full-sized trampolines. This is great because you know you’re getting a stronger and longer lasting mat.


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Our Verdict

Let’s be honest, at the end of the day, this is a budget trampoline. But we love this because even if you’re on a tight budget, it still allows you to get a great quality product to get started on your rebounding exercise journey! Given the features you would normally find in more expensive models, the AirZone definitely provides great value for money.

AirZone Mini Band Fitness Trampoline Review